Liver Issues in Dogs


Joseph Bisignano DVM pic

Joseph Bisignano DVM

A veterinarian board certified in veterinary internal medicine, Joseph Bisignano, DVM, treats dogs and other animals with problems like liver, kidney, and autoimmune diseases through VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital. In preparation for his animal care career, Joseph Bisignano earned his doctor of veterinary medicine (DVM) at the Western University of Health Sciences.

When a dog’s liver health declines, it often results in tell-tale symptoms that range in severity. For instance, animals may refuse food and urinate more than usual. They may also develop very serious symptoms like yellowing of the skin and eyes, a condition called “jaundice,” as well as experience blood clots and seizures.

Conditions that give rise to liver failure vary. Some dogs may have congenital defects like liver shunts while others may acquire liver disease by consuming poisonous material or falling victim to infections like canine hepatitis.

Besides birth defects and infections, dogs are susceptible to cancers that grow or spread to the liver. The most common type of liver cancers in dogs are those that begin in the organ’s epithelial cells.


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