The VCA West L.A. Animal Hospital’s Alternative Medical Services

VCA West L.A. Animal Hospital pic

VCA West L.A. Animal Hospital

Joseph Bisignano, DVM, serves as an internal medicine specialist at the VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital. In the past, Joseph Bisignano, DVM, has provided cost-free veterinary services through not-for-profit organizations such as the Hope Veterinary Center.

The VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital at 1900 South Sepulveda Boulevard provides animal owners a number of primary and specialty care services. The hospital even offers alternative and holistic medical options to owners who haven’t seen positive outcomes from traditional medicine and to owners hesitant to subject their pets to surgery or the excessive use of drugs. Holistic veterinarians work in tandem with those veterinarians who use modern technology and medicine, rather than in opposition.

Veterinary acupuncture is one example of the hospital’s alternative services. Through careful acupuncture placement, animals can enjoy a number of benefits throughout the body and nervous system, including the release of endorphins. Herbal medical treatments, on the other hand, emphasize the use of plants and organic plant matter to maintain animal health. A number of specific herbal remedies have been identified as effective against common animal illnesses, although owners should make sure to consult with a veterinarian to ensure that plant extracts do not conflict with existing medicines.

More information regarding alternative medical treatment at the VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital, including chiropractic intervention, can be found at


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